Wax Varnish


Final varnish that dries to a matt finish but may be buffed to a satin surface if required. 

For oil and acrylic painting.

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Refined Beeswax, Low Toxic Solvent.

Product Application

Langridge Wax Varnish may be applied to fully dried oil and acrylic  paintings as a final picture varnish.

Lay the painting flat, face up, on a table. Position it so you can see light reflected from its surface.

Take a clean, lint-free cloth (preferably white) and dip into the wax varnish. Do not overload the cloth.

Begin application at one corner of the painting, wiping on the varnish in one direction across the whole painting. Make sure that the surface receives as thin and even coating as possible. Proceed in a systematic way across the surface of the painting. Check the work against the light from time to time to be sure all parts of the surface are receiving an equally thin coating.

If wanting a satin finish: After the entire painting has been varnished, begin lightly buffing the surface with the cloth in a broad circular motion. Do not apply too much pressure as this will create uneven polishing and potentially push the stretched canvas onto the stretcher frame leaving a mark.

If wax varnish looks too glossy: It is possible to overpolish the wax varnish creating more glare than

originally intended. To revert the varnish to a matte finish, lightly dampen a clean cloth in artists solvent and gently wipe the surface in short strokes to ‘open up’ the varnish. Wait 5 minutes to allow partial evaporation of the solvent and check the finish. Repeat process to desired level of matte/satin.

Matte reflective surfaces optically create a painting with a flat, more compressed picture space and do not appear to recede. Artists attempting to create a picture with optical depth (such as a landscape) should be aware that the glossier and deeper in tone a paint surface is the more it seems to recede.

Because wax is not absolutely clear it will reduce the depth of tone of colours. For this reason, Langridge does not recommend using matte varnishes if wanting very dark passages of colour in a painting.

Langridge Wax Varnish is designed to dry to a matte finish. If a painting has major differences in gloss/matte reflection Wax Varnish may not completely even these out.

Langridge Wax Varnish is made by dissolving refined beeswax in Odourless solvent to make a paste. Applied over paintings, the solvent will evaporate, leaving a thin, even coat of the wax.

Refined beewax has all impurities removed leaving a wax with little long term yellowing properties.

Artists oil colours dry by absorbing oxygen. Full drying generally takes between 3-6 months although it can take longer with extremely thick paint films (5mm or thicker). 

If needing a temporary protective varnish before full drying has taken place apply Retouch Varnish.

For acrylic paintings, Artists should allow a minimum of 72 hours before applying a Langridge Picture Varnish.

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