Gloss Varnish


Contemporary final picture varnish for the protection of oil and acrylic paintings.  

Imparts clarity and depth when applied to fully dried oil paint films. Unifies painting with an even optical reflection. 

Dries to gloss finish.

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Paraloid B67 Resin, Artists White Spirit.

Product Application

Langridge Gloss Varnish may be applied to fully dried oil and acrylic paintings as a final picture varnish.

Lay the painting flat, face up, on a table. Position it so you can see light reflected from its surface.

Pour some varnish solution into a clean cup. Load the varnish brush, then squeeze it against the inside of the container so that it holds a minimum of varnish. A dripping brush is too full!

Begin application at one corner of the painting, brushing on the varnish in one direction across the whole painting. Work quickly so that the surface receives as thin and even coating as possible. Working quickly and deliberately, since the varnish will set quickly, proceed in a systematic way across the surface of the painting. Check the work against the light from time to time to be sure all parts of the surface are receiving an equally thin coating.

After the entire painting has been varnished, allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before removing it from the table, then lean the painting against a wall, face in, to finish drying. Dust in the air cannot settle on the surface of the painting leaning face in, but be careful not to stir up any dust on the floor in the vicinity of the painting.

Discard any working varnish left in the cup. Working varnish should be considered contaminated and should not be returned to the stock bottle.

Langridge Gloss Varnish dries to a gloss finish.

However, if a painting has major differences in gloss/matte reflection Gloss Varnish may not completely even these out.

Langridge Gloss Varnish is made by dissolving Paraloid B67 Resin in Artists White Spirit to make a liquid. Brush or spray applied over paintings, the solvent will evaporate, leaving a thin, even coat of the resin.

Artists oil colours dry by absorbing oxygen. Full drying generally takes between 3-6 months although it can take longer with extremely thick paint films (5mm or thicker). 

If needing a temporary protective varnish before full drying has taken place apply Retouch Varnish.

For acrylic paintings, Artists should allow a minimum of 72 hours before applying a Langridge Picture Varnish.

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