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Stil de Grain Pigment



A popular 17th century historic pigment Stil De Grain is a very vivid natural yellow pigment that is very transparent and well suited to glazing techniques.
Made from ripe buckthorn berries this beautiful and unique pigment produces a very strong yellow that has a very slight earthy undertone.

Lightfastness: Poor*
Medium Suitability: Watercolour, Egg Tempera, Oil & Acrylic.

*The lightfastness of Stil De Grain is unfortunately not as good as we would like it to be. It may fade in intensity over the course 2-15 years. This can be mitigated some what by keeping exposure to UV sun light to a minimum.  The fugitive nature of this pigment should not be a disincentive to the beauty of its unique tones and working properties. 

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