Methylated Spirits (100% )



Used as a solvent for shellac and other alcohol soluble resins.

100% grade is completely water free thus reducing risks of blooming in varnish films.   

Constituents: Anhydrous Methylated Spirits

Product Application

Used for dissolving shellac resin or diluting shellac varnishes. Completely free of water. Water content in  shellac varnishes can cause a white cloudy film, or bloom, to appear. This is created by the trapped 

moisture and destroys the clarity of varnish films. It is awkward to remove blooming without damaging the varnish film. Most methylated spirit available has a water content of at least 5%, always noted on labeling.

To make a general clear shellac varnish, in a clean glass jar, add 1 part (by weight) dewaxed shellac to 3 parts Methylated Spirits. Stir or agitate till dissolved (approx. 30 minutes) and then thin with extra Methylated Spirits to suit. Shellac varnishes made from all grades of shellac (seed, button, orange, lemon, dewaxed) can be made using this method. DO NOT HEAT THE SOLUTION! Alcohols are extremely flammable and ignite at low temperatures.

Methylated Spirits (100%) is also used for dissolving all natural resins that are alcohol soluble, such as Gum Sandarac.

Carefully applied to dried acrylic films it can help soften the film, making removal easier.

The method employed is to soak a clean, lint-free cloth in the Methylated Spirits and lay onto the paint area needing to be removed. After 5-10 minutes gently pull away a section of the cloth and gently rub with another Methylated Spirits soaked cloth. The paint should have softened enough for the paint film to rub away very easily. If the paint does not lift easily, leave cloth in place for another 5-10 minutes and repeat the process with trial rubbing.

Methylated Spirits (100%) leaves no residue after evaporation.


Additional Product Information

Methylated Spirits can be used to clarify natural resins such as damar where a natural wax content is 

undesirable. To a litre of unclarified damar varnish (5lb cut) add 25ml of anhydrous methylated spirits. Agitate and leave to settle. Decant off clarified damar resin from the top of the mixing container, leaving the residue to be discarded. Water must not be present as all natural resins dissolved in turpentine, especially mastic and copal, are susceptible to blooming.

Working Properties


Langridge Methylated Spirit (100%) is a clear and transparent liquid with characteristic alcohol odour.

Clean Up

For further washing apply a small quantity of Marseille or other pure olive oil soap and massage the bristles of the brush to release any remaining White Spirit. Wash thoroughly in warm water. Leave to fully dry before using for oil colours.

Evaporation Times

10ml in 55mm wide open cup at 20o centigrade ambient temperature full evaporation after 2 hours.

Any airflow over the surface will evaporate the solvent more rapidly.

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