Viponds Solvent Based Gold Size


Vipond’s Gold Size is a solvent based clear that has a variety of applications including:

Gold Leaf – a sizing medium for gold leaf work.
Gold, Silver & Copper Paint – a medium to add metallic pastes to make enamels.
Enamel Additive – add to Vipond’s Feature Gloss Enamel to adjust viscosity, improve drying time and film hardness; especially useful when spraying.
Fast Drying Clear Coat – a clear coating for glass, metal and timber (note limited exterior durability).


Under normal drying conditions (above 14°C and below 25°C) it has a whistling tack up to 1 hour, touch dry in 2 hours and through dry in 12 hours.


COVERAGE: Approx 14m2 per L.


Clean and thin with mineral turpentine.


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