Langridge Video Blue Oil Colour


Video Blue

Series: 2

Pigment Classification: Mixture

Chemical Composition: Titanium Dioxide / Phthalocyanine / Cobalt Aluminate

Color Index Name: PW6 / PB15.3 / 

Color Index Number: 77791 / 74160 / 77346

Hiding Power: Opaque

Vehicle: Refined Safflower Oil

Drying Rate: Fast-Medium. 2-5 days

Consistency: Stiff

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Permanency in pure tone: Excellent

Permanency in 50% tint: Excellent


Hot electric blue filled with light. Built around the idea of computer-generated colour. Has been specifically formulated to be a mid-value warm blue. Can be modulated to create a wide range of aquamarines and azures.

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