Langridge Cadmium Green Oil Colour


Cadmium Green

Series: 5

Pigment Classification: Synthetic Inorganic

Chemical Composition: Cadmium Sulphide / Sodium Sulphosilicate

Color Index Name: PY35 / PB29

Color Index Number: 77205 / 77007

Hiding Power: Opaque

Vehicle: Refined Linseed Oil

Drying Rate: Medium. 3-6 days

Consistency: Short butter

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Permanency in pure tone: Excellent

Permanency in 50% tint: Excellent


Sumptuous bright green based on cadmium yellow. Not so electric that it can’t be used in landscape work, it still has an insistency that is famed for all cadmium colours. Opaque with a soft brushability

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