Product Application

Langridge Oleogel may be added to oil colours to aid paint flow and brush handling.

Langridge recommends no more than one-third addition of Oleogel to pale colours, especially whites, to prevent any observable potential discolouration of the paint film upon ageing.

Very small additions will enhance brush strokes and aid of the handling qualities of existing oil colours.

As more medium is added to the oil colour, the transparency will be increased due to the further suspension of the pigment throughout the medium. 

Langridge recommends that Oleogel is applied only is thin paint films as thicker application may lead to wrinkling and crazing upon drying. Artists wishing to apply thick impasto passages of paint are recommended to use Langridge Impasto Medium.

Langridge Oleogel has a high oil content and, as such, is a ‘fat’ medium. It should not to be used for underpainting if oil colours with no additional medium are to be applied on top.

Dries to a gloss finish.

Additional Product Information

Nature of drying oleogel-paint film

To create dimensional stability during the drying process the formula’s addition of fumed silica and waxes creates a flexible, soft paint film for an extended period (approximately 6 months) and may be confused for paint film incorrectly drying. Oleogel used under normal conditions should form a polymerised-oxidised film in 72 hours and is capable of further over-painting. 


For best results thin with Low Toxic Solvent. However, Artists White Spirit or Distilled Gum Turpentine may be substituted.


Langridge Oleogel is a clear gel with characteristic safflower oil odour.

Very fresh medium may exhibit a bluish-grey cast. The colour of the medium will not effect the oil colours with which it is mixed.

Clean Up

Clean brushes with any artists’ solvent (eg Low Toxic Solvent, Gum Turpentine, etc.).

For further washing apply a small quantity of Marseille or other pure olive oil soap and massage the bristles of the brush to release any remaining colour. Wash thoroughly in warm water. Leave to fully dry before using for oil colours.

Drying Times

48-72 hours to touch dry. Any airflow over the surface will evaporate the solvent more rapidly which will reduce drying times.

Full film drying 3-6 months