Kolormondo Colour Globe


Kolormondo is a tool for teaching colour, discussing colour choices, to find a certain hue and to see colour relations. It is a bridge between the expert and the beginner.

Kolormondo presents colour in a 3D globe. It is simple to use and more logical than flat colour charts or fans. You can immediately see what each colour consists of and its position relative to all the others. Use the colour tool when choosing or matching colours or when explaining your choices to clients or students.

Kolormondo is a Swedish patented design-innovation. Comes flat packed.


Building the globes:

Improves your ability to mix and match colours

Enables you to identify a certain hue, to see colour relations and grasp terms like ”saturation” and ”value”

Bridges between colour experts and beginners

Allows students to understand colour theory

Facilitates discussions about colour choices


Available in 185 colours (overall 16cm diameter) or 570 colours (overall 29cm diameter)

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